You call me a fool
You say it’s a crazy scheme
But this one’s for real
I already bought the dream
– Steely Dan

These Week 1 NFL Picks, dreaming of a Cleveland Browns Super Bowl, do not understand why anyone wants to send dreamers to Mexico.

Can I get Browns games on TV in Mexico? If not, what good is my dream?

Am I native born? How do I know? I don’t even remember being born. I just know that my nationality is Cleveland Browns fan, and I have been dreaming of a Super Bowl championship for my whole life. Thus, I am a dreamer. No?

But now I am told I have to go to Mexico even though I went to school here and learned all about history, such as Jim Brown and Leroy Kelly and Otto Graham. So tossing me and others like me out seems wrong, almost like moving a team to Baltimore.

Joining the resistance is most likely futile considering that my dreams have been dashed for, well forever.

I am a dreamer whose dreams are now for the Cleveland Browns to move to Mexico City, or something. I am actually unsure of why I am being kicked out of the country. Is it because my dreams have never come true?

Still, NFL Picks like these are a unique job created in America. Is this country seriously going to ship a good job like this to Mexico? Is that whatzgonnahappen?


CHIEFS AT PATRIOTS – Chiefs 42, Patriots 17

JETS AT BILLS – Bills 20, Jets 10

FALCONS AT BEARS – Falcons 40, Bears 22

RAVENS AT BENGALS – Ravens 20, Bengals 17

STEELERS AT BROWNS – Browns 30, Steelers 20

JAGUARS AT TEXANS – Jaguars 23, Texans 20


CARDINALS AT LIONS – Lions 29, Cardinals 20

RAIDERS AT TITANS – Titans 40, Raiders 33

EAGLES AT REDSKINS – Redskins 27, Eagles 20

COLTS AT RAMS – Rams 30, Colts 10

SEAHAWKS AT PACKERS – Packers 31, Seahawks 30

PANTHERS AT 49ers – 49ers 24, Panthers 20

GIANTS AT COWBOYS – Cowboys 6, Giants 3

SAINTS AT VIKINGS – Saints 41, Vikings 31

CHARGERS AT BRONCOS – Chargers 30, Broncos 13

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