Fight the power
We’ve got to fight the powers that be
– Public Enemy

These week 15 NFL Picks love the new system for the NFL draft, in which the Super Bowl champion is rewarded with the first pick in the NFL draft.

It will create incentive for loser teams like the Cleveland Browns to win. It will trickle down, like just wealthy pee on their poor heads. It is a Donald Trump fantasy, and it is real.

And while every American, whether they want to be or not, is part of the President’s fantasy life come true, there is nothing quite like being a loser in his world.

On the other hand, he can be so outrageous and entertaining on Twitter that it’s worth it and, well, as he said, the Browns deserve this. Browns fans deserve this. I deserve this. My team hasn’t won Lyndon Johnson was in the White House.

Everything continues according a decades-long plan that feels like it was dreamt up by a James Bond villain with an eyepatch and one arm who lives on an island with the monkey he has trained to pick quarterbacks for the Cleveland Browns. It is the same monkey that wrote the tax reform and the last few GOP health care bills.

As a loser, I know this is both logical and fair. So just after I say, thank you, I’ll meekly ask, now whatzgonnahappen.

BRONCOS AT COLTS – Broncos19, Colts 17

BEARS AT LIONS – Lions 31, Bears 23

CHARGERS AT CHIEFS – Chiefs 26, Chargers 24

DOLPHINS AT BILLS – Bills 31, Dolphins 10

EAGLES AT GIANTS – Eagles 22, Giants 6

CARDINALS AT REDSKINS – Redskins 24, Cardinals 20

BENGALS AT VIKINGS – Vikings 23, Bengals 20

JETS AT SAINTS – Saints 42, Jets 0

PACKERS AT PANTHERS – Panthers 27, Packers 20

RAVENS AT BROWNS – Browns 1,995, Ravens 1,984

TEXANS AT JAGUARS – Jaguars 30, Texans 10

RAMS AT SEAHAWKS – Rams 27, Seahawks 26

PATRIOTS AT STEELERS – Steelers 25, Patriots 20

TITANS AT 49ers – 49ers 23, Titans 20

COWBOYS AT RAIDERS – Cowboys 24, Raiders 21

FALCONS AT BUCCANEERS – Falcons 29. Buccaneers 17

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